Quilted Chanel Bag

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Leather: Caviar cowhide
Hardware: All steel silver buckle
Medium Size: πŸπŸ“.πŸ“*πŸπŸ“.πŸ“*πŸ”.πŸ“πœπ¦ / Small Size: πŸπŸ’.πŸ“*πŸπŸ‘*πŸ”πœπ¦

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  1. Quilted Chanel Bag Beige

    Quilting is a technique where two layers of fabric are stitched together to create a strong, durable product. In the case of quilts, they are often created using cotton and wool fabrics. These fabrics are then sewn together to make a sturdy piece of clothing.

  2. Chanel

    Chanel bags were first introduced in 1921 by Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. She was inspired by the traditional handbags of her native France and wanted to create something similar. Her design was revolutionary at the time because she designed a small, compact purse that could easily fit inside a larger bag. Today, Chanel bags are still popular and have become a symbol of luxury fashion.

  3. Quilted Chanel Bag

    Quilted Chanel Bag A bag is a container that holds items. Bags come in many different shapes and sizes. There are shoulder bags, cross-body bags, messenger bags, backpacks, fanny packs, and even diaper bags!

  4. Fabric

    Fabric is a material that is woven or knitted together to create cloth. Fabrics are made out of natural fibers like cotton, linen, silk, wool, and others. Synthetic fibers are also used to make fabrics including nylon, polyester, rayon, spandex, and acrylic.

  5. Stitch

    Stitches are the stitches that hold the pieces of fabric together. There are several types of stitches including running stitch, blanket stitch, whip stitch, slip stitch, overcast stitch, and French knot.

Chanel Bag Classic Flap

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Apricot Gold, Apricot Silver


𝟷𝟺.𝟻*𝟸𝟹*πŸΌπšŒπš–, 𝟷𝟻.𝟻*𝟸𝟻.𝟻*𝟼.πŸ»πšŒπš–


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