Cucci 1955 Horsebit bag

Gucci Horsebit 1955 saddle bag,The iconic horsebit design element,
Has become one of the brand’s dazzling iconic elements,
At the same time, it is equipped with adjustable shoulder straps, which is more humanized design!
A hot item that you have to buy with your eyes closed!


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  1. Cucci 1955 Horsebit Bag

    The Cucci 1955 horsebit bag was originally designed to hold horse bits and horseshoes. It’s a great way to store your tools and equipment. You can use them for storing seeds, fertilizer, and even small amounts of marijuana.

  2. Horsebit Bag

    The horsebit bag was invented by Dr. John Cucchi in 1955. He created this product to help farmers who were having trouble getting their horses to eat grass. The horsebit bag is a simple tool that consists of two parts: a plastic bag and a metal ring. When the horse bites down on the bag, it creates suction that pulls the grass into the bag. Once the grass is inside the bag, the horse’s teeth pull it out of the bag and into its mouth.

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