Chanel Vanity Case

22A Handle Long Box Cosmetic Bag Pink, with mirror inside, lipstick plaid.
Hardware: all steel 𝟷𝟺𝚔 light gold buckle
Original leather: fine lambskin
Size: 9.5*17*8cm

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  1. Chanel Vanity Case

    Chanel Vanity Case A vanity case is a small handbag designed specifically for carrying cosmetics and toiletries. A vanity case is often worn over the shoulder and may have compartments for makeup brushes, lipsticks, eye shadow, perfume, etc.

  2. Chanel Cosmetic Bag

    A cosmetic bag is a type of purse that contains cosmetics and beauty products. These bags are generally smaller than a handbag and are carried around the neck or across the body.

  3. Chanel Handbag

    A handbag is a small purse or bag carried by hand. It is usually worn on the arm or at the side of the body.

Chanel Bag Pink Tote Cosmetic Bag

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