Chanel Shoulder Bag

22S | Yellow/Gold Letter LOGO Shopping Bag Medium
Hardware: thick 24K retro gold plating
Leather: Shiny Calfskin
Size: 39*42*8cm

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  1. Chanel Shopping Bags

    The Chanel shopping bag is a classic accessory that is still relevant today. It is a timeless piece that is perfect for any occasion. You can use them as a clutch, carry-all, or even a cosmetic case.

  2. Chanel Shoulder Bag

    A Chanel shoulder bag is a type of purse that hangs over the shoulder. These bags have become increasingly popular since they are convenient and stylish. A shoulder bag is often carried over the arm rather than across the body.

  3. Chanel Cross Body Bags

    Chanel Cross-body bags are similar to messenger bags, but they hang over the opposite shoulder. They are great for people who want to carry their belongings without having them dangling off their arms.

  4. Chanel Clutch Bags

    Chanel Clutch bags are smaller versions of handbags. They are usually about the size of a wallet and are perfect for carrying keys, credit cards, and other small items.

  5. Chanel Tote Bags

    Chanel Shoulder Bag Totes are large bags that are meant to carry lots of things at once. They are usually big enough to hold a laptop, tablet, and other electronics.

  6. Chanel Bag 22 Shopping Brown
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