Chanel Bag White

Fabric: Lambskin
Inside: Gold embossed cowhide
Hardware: copper embryo ancient silver, ancient gold
Accessories: rhinestones, imitation pearls

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  1. Chanel Bag White

    Chanel Bag White Chanel bags are timeless classics that have been around since Coco Chanel first introduced them in 1919. These iconic handbags are known for their classic shape, sleek design, and luxurious materials. Chanel’s signature logo is stamped on each bag, making these bags instantly recognizable.

  2. Chanel Bags White

    The Chanel Bags White collection features a variety of styles including the Classic Flap, Small Shoulder Tote, Large Shoulder Tote, Crossbody, and Wallet. Each style comes in a variety of colors including black, brown, blue, green, red, yellow, and pink.

  3. Chanel Bags Black

    Chanel Bag White The Chanel Backs Black collection includes the Classic Flap, Medium Shoulder Tote, Small Shoulder Totes, Crossbody, and Wallets. Each style comes in black, dark gray, navy, and cognac.

  4. Chanel Bags Cognac

    The Chanel Bacs Cognac collection includes the Classic Flaps, Medium Shoulder Totes, Small Shoulder Tots, Crossbody, and wallets. Each style comes in cognac, black, dark gray, and navy.

  5. Chanel Bags in Dark Gray

    The Chanel Bads Dark Gray collection includes the Classic Flops, Medium Shoulder Tots, Small Shoulder Tops, Crossbody, and wallet. Each style comes in dark gray, black, cognac, and navy.

  6. Chanel Bags Navy

    The Chanel Bogs Navy collection includes the Classic Flop, Medium Shoulder Tot, Small Shoulder Tot, Crossbody, and wallets. Each style comes in navy, black, cognac, and dark gray.

  7. Chanel Bags Pink

    The Chanel Bods Pink collection includes the Classic Flips, Medium Shoulder Tops, Small Shoulder Toots, Crossbody, and Wales. Each style comes in pink, black, and cognac. and dark gray.

CHANEL Bag Crossbody black

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Black, White


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